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Welcome to MoonGeek!

If you’re into unique candles for geeks, we’re about to become new best friends. Here at MoonGeek, we’ve had a scent obsession for as long as we can remember. Our little family goes through enough candles in a month to light a small village. Every trip to the store, we bought one of every scented candle we could find. Eventually, we got bored with picking from the same small handful of generic scent selections. None of the smells reminded us of the things we love most. We wanted candles and melts that reminded us of our favorite books and geeky interests while invoking a sense of atmosphere. After hunting through a few dozen stores in town, we noticed even the boutiques with the most expensive and exotic candles didn’t quite have what we wanted.

So, we made our own.

At MoonGeek Candle Co., we hand-pour candles with custom-blended fragrances to remind you of your favorite geeky things. We’re big believers in the psychological connection between scent and memories, and we’ve discovered first-hand how the right smells can trigger warm, positive emotions. Read more about the benefits of burning scented candles on our blog.

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Why Shop MoonGeek Candles?

Our candles and wax melts make the perfect gift for your favorite bookworm, or bookish home decor piece to compliment your space! We try to offer scents that will appeal to everyone, from exotic florals to more musky and masculine scents.

Shop our Bookish Candle Collection and Zodiac Candle Collection to stock up on the perfect fragrances to fit your home. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We’re happy to fulfill custom orders! Contact us by phone or email, and we’ll work with you to create the perfect geeky candle.

Free shipping on orders over $50 within the USA! Local to the Charlotte, NC area? Contact us for free local delivery or pick-up options.

♥Thank you for supporting our small handmade business.♥

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