The Benefits of Coconut Wax Candles

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We've talked a lot on Instagram about how much we love coconut wax. Though it's a bit more difficult to source than soy due to its relative newness to the market, we fell in love with the creamy natural wax from the first pour. Customers new to coconut wax often ask us, "Is there a difference between coconut and soy wax candles?"

Let's have a quick chat about a few of the benefits of coconut wax and why we love blending it with soy to create the perfect natural candle.  

Our zodiac candles feature a proprietary blend of coconut wax and soy wax, bringing together our favorite benefits of each natural wax to achieve a luxuriously smooth finish. While soy wax often has a “lumpy” appearance once burned, coconut wax dries with a smooth, creamy finish more comparable to the paraffin candles most people are familiar with. 

Coconut wax is naturally sourced, while paraffin wax is made from the leftovers of the crude oil refinement process. It’s a vegan wax that is not made from animal byproducts, nor does not contribute to deforestation. It doesn’t frost as often as soy wax, and color dyes often come through more vividly than with soy.

In other words, it boasts many of the same features we love about soy wax with a few added benefits.  

Our favorite benefit of coconut wax, though? The scent throw is amazing!  

Of course, even the best things in life have their drawbacks. In this case, coconut wax is tricky to get our hands on in the summer months. It’s also an incredibly soft wax, making it great for massage candles but challenging to ship in hotter weather. The solution? Blend our two favorite natural waxes until we find the perfect candle wax for our line.

We tested waxes and mixtures side-by-side until we crafted the perfect blend of coconut and soy wax to take advantage of the best parts of both. This vegan and all-natural wax blend holds color without frosting and offers a stronger fragrance than soy wax alone. We can’t wait to share our new favorite addiction with you!  

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