Shipping Policies & FAQs


Domestic Orders: Candles will be shipped via USPS the following business day (excluding custom orders). If you’d prefer to ship with FedEx or UPS, please contact us by email or phone for an updated shipping cost estimate. We will supply you with a tracking number as soon as your order has shipped out. All domestic orders over $50 ship free! 

International Orders: Please contact us for more information about shipping outside of the United States. 

Returns & Exchanges 

Damaged or Defective Items: We’re so sorry you’ve had this experience! While we do everything we can to ensure orders are packaged securely, unpredictable things happen sometimes during the shipping process. We will replace all products that arrive broken, melted, or otherwise damaged. Please reach out to us at with a picture of your order, and we’ll ship out a new one right away! 

Because we make our candles with 100% soy wax, you may occasionally notice small patches of discoloration or “wet spots” on candles made in our glass jars. Both results from temperature changes during shipping and do not hinder your candle’s performance in any way. If you are unhappy with the appearance we are happy to replace the candle, and we suggest purchasing our tins or matte jars in the future to avoid this common characteristic of soy wax.

Don’t Love the Scent/Other Due to concerns about COVID-19, we are not currently accepting exchanges or returns (outside of damaged/defective orders). We're terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the health and wellness of our family and customers means the world to us. Please contact us for a discount on your next order. 

Other: For all other questions or concerns, please contact us. 

 About the Candles 

Do your candles contain any paraffin wax? – No. Our candles are made with soy and coconut wax. We do our best to craft responsibly and use as many natural products as possible.

How can I tell what your candles smell like before placing an order? – While we do our best to provide detailed fragrance descriptions for every candle, it can be difficult to determine what something will smell like through a computer screen. Our tins and wax melts work well for sampling scents, and we’re happy to chat with you and help you identify which candles might fit your scent preferences best.

How long do your candles burn? – Depending on the size you order, anywhere from 20-45 hours. One of our favorite features of soy and coconut wax is how long the candles burn. 

Why does my candle look weird after burning? – This is a common feature of soy wax, and a good way to identify a 100% soy candle from a parasoy blend. It’s caused by the melt pool cooling and solidifying at an inconsistent rate. They do not affect the performance of the candle in any way. If the aesthetic bothers you, we suggest trying our cocosoy candles instead. :)

Do you accept custom orders? – Absolutely! Contact us today for more information. 

Are your candles vegan/eco-conscious? – Yes, and yes. Our candles are made from either pure soy wax or a proprietary blend of soy and coconut wax, all grown and sourced from the United States. Every candle comes in a recyclable glass jar or metal tin with a cotton or wood wick. We package and ship our orders using biodegradable cornstarch packing peanuts that dissolve when exposed to water. We’re eco-conscious when shopping in our personal lives, and it’s important for us to sell products people can feel good about buying. 

How do you scent your candles? – We use a custom blend of essential oils and high-quality synthetic fragrance oils. The fragrance oils we use are often blended from essential oils with specific lab enhancements to increase scent throw. The link between memory and scent is the strongest of the senses. Smells that your brain associates with certain places, people, or emotions stimulate feelings of happiness, energy, calm, and general well-being. This is why fragrance oils are still effective for aromatherapy. If you have any other questions, reach out!  


Do you have any active coupons or deals? – We try to schedule some sort of sale several times throughout the year, but we have one discount that remains active year-round. Spend more than $50 and receive free shipping on domestic orders, along with a free candle tin. You can also signup for our VIP list for 20% off your order.

Can I order a candle as a gift for someone else? – Absolutely! Add their address and information in the shipping section while checking out, and notify us in the comments the order is a gift. 

Can I cancel my order? – Yes, provided your order hasn’t shipped out. Email us right away with your order number and the name attached, and we’ll refund your order.